Bright future for natural red colorants

red food coloring

Red color enhances the appearance of sweets and beverages. It helps alternative meats to have an appearance closer to beef. In addition to functional attributes, many of the range of red colors fit perfectly with the attributes in demand, such as being within the so-called “clean label”.
The color red is in demand due to its versatility, different color spectrums can be obtained, such as orange and violet, when combined with other natural colorants.
The color red is rooted in human psychology as a color that generates a lot of visual attraction, for this reason this color can be observed in all products of all industries, from cosmetics to processed coffees.
At present, the carmine obtained from cochineal is in great demand due to its versatile characteristics that allow it to be used in virtually all products available in the market.
At IMBAREX we have carmine in different presentations suitable for any type of product that requires this colorant. Contact us here so we can advise you on the right colorant for your product.

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