Carmine: excellent shade matching in dairy (UHT) applications

carmine excellent shade matching in dairy (UHT) applications

In 2020 there was strong growth in the dairy and naturally sourced categories, and they are expected to continue the trend. Innovation and renewal are driving consumers back to the dairy section in stores. In any case, the expectation now is natural.

Many dairy products are subjected to ultra-high temperature (UHT) or short time but high temperature (HTST) processing for the purpose of eliminating harmful bacteria and extending shelf life. This is to ensure the necessary safety of the product, but it is also quite aggressive with many natural color sources that are used to bring flavors to life.

Carmine is an excellent shade match in UHT applications, as it has the pH and good heat stability. But there are more colors that can be applied to dairy products so we recommend you to contact one of our representatives, who will guide you with the best colorant to apply in your product and generate a better visual appeal, for that click on the following LINK.

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