Carmine Red Natural Colorant

The 100% natural colorants are those that are extracted from nature, they can be from vegetable raw materials (Fruits, Vegetables, Plants, etc.) as well as from animals (Milk, Meat, Spices, etc.) these are a trend that has been reactivated again in the market, having been used many years ago, but now with the trend of the consumer to buy natural products has become important again.

As for example the natural colorant E-120, being the quite intense carmine red colorant, coming from the cochineal. This is a very good natural colorant, with good stability and can be used in the food sector for a great number of applications, such as giving red tones to cookies, dairy products, yogurts, meat products, etc. That is why this colorant is widely used worldwide, being better than the artificial ones that generate negative effects in its consumption.

Due to its wide range of benefits that the natural red carmine colorant has and its good behavior when applied in different products is that IMBAREX recommends the use of our natural red colorant called Carmine, and for that we want to give you a personalized advice with one of our representatives to provide you with the ideal colorant based on your needs, to receive such advice click on the following LINK.

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