Cochineal Pigment an environmentally friendly solution for the industry

Cochineal pigment is one of the most environmentally friendly natural pigments available today. It is currently in high demand for natural colorants to be used in the food and cosmetics industry. This cochineal is found in yogurts, strawberry soft drinks, ice cream, and even in wines, cosmetic products, paint and clothing.

Grana cochineal has zero environmental impact when used in the aforementioned industries, making it an option for entrepreneurship among young people. It is a natural, ecological and sustainable product. This is one of the important factors why they should use this natural dye to replace the artificial one, which in addition to the tonality it provides only generates negative effects.

That is why at IMBAREX we recommend the use of natural dyes from the grana cochineal, having positive effects not only on human consumption, but also on the environment. To obtain the correct natural colorant, we offer you a personalized advice with one of our representatives who will help you based on your needs, click on the following LINK.

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