Colorants in Pet Food

colorantes en alimentos para mascotas

Colorants are very important in terms of aesthetics and appearance of the product, these two factors are of utmost importance for pet food buyers.

The customer will be guided by these colors to determine which product to choose. By dosing the colorants in different ways depending on the producers, they will convey different messages. For example, if the color is faint, you can think that it is a poor product or poor quality, while colors like carmine red, green using chlorophyll, orange with turmeric, arouse the curiosity of the buyer who has the power to decide, without neglecting the benefits to our pets.

We must choose the best option betting on excellence and high quality, impacting on business growth, which is reflected in higher sales and competitiveness.

The migration that is taking place in pet food, regarding the use of natural dyes and the move to all natural ingredients, generates the following advantages:

  1. Reduces Allergies: artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives can generate allergies in pets.
  2. Improved coat: They will benefit from a healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  3. Promotes good digestion: food produced with an organic base will be easier for pets to digest.
  4. Strengthens health and immune system: using natural and less processed ingredients will improve pets’ health and strengthen their immune system.
  5. Increase energy and vitality: they will enjoy exercising more by having bones and muscles that are strengthened with natural nutrients.
  6. Fewer visits to the Veterinarian: your pet will be healthier, which is also a benefit for your pocket.
  7. Longer life: a natural food can extend your pet’s life.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives through this link.

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