Confectionery and Confectionery using Natural Colorants

The main use of natural food colorants is to add or restore colors, including generating flavor perceptions in foodstuffs. They are considered as additives, and their function is to make food products more appealing to consumers, who approve the product first by sight.

Many studies corroborate that the product having a better color and appearance, makes it more attractive to consumers which leads them to a purchase decision. That is why for the children’s public in the development of candies, everything more colorful is used, since these do not have a color and that is why it is of utmost importance the application of natural dyes in products such as gummies and candies.

With the use of natural dyes instead of artificial ones, there is no risk on this side for the consumption of children, which generates a greater acceptance of parents for the consumption of candies and confectionery. That is why in IMBAREX we recommend a personalized advice with one of our representatives, which based on your needs will recommend the ideal natural dye for you, to contact click on the following LINK.

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