Natural Color Coatings on Fruit Snacks and Gummies

Consumers continue to push for less processed ingredients, which is why brands are transitioning from synthetic colors to natural colors. In the past, natural colors were not as good as they are today, they were almost nothing like synthetic colors. Through our R&D teams, we have been working tirelessly to reduce the cost of using natural colors to make innovation easier for food manufacturers. Great strides have been made.

Carmine is a pink to red shade that is very stable and vibrant for fruit snack and gummy applications. Annatto requires special stabilization to avoid color precipitation due to acidity, but provides intense shades ranging from a peach tone to the color of an orange.

There are a number of benefits to the vertically integrated supply chain for carmine and annatto, but the most advantageous for gummy and fruit snack developers is the improvement in cost.

If you are working on projects with products to which natural colorants can be applied and would like more information, click on the LINK below to contact an IMBAREX sales representative.

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