Natural colorants in sauces

The purchasing behavior of consumers is constantly changing following certain trends that emerge over the years, during the last decade this behavior has been giving a clearly noticeable shift towards the consumption of products that use natural ingredients, being willing to pay more for a product that contains fewer artificial additives compared to one with a high amount of these. For this reason, the use of natural colorants in sauces and all types of food is gaining momentum.

A common application of natural colorants is in the production of sauces. From tomato sauce to garlic sauce, these popular condiments are an integral part of many recipes and are used in a variety of dishes and foods. Traditionally, artificial colorants have been used to give these sauces their attractive color, but more and more manufacturers are opting to use natural dyes instead.

There are a wide variety of options available to manufacturers who wish to use natural colorants in their products. Some common examples include:

  • Carmine: this colorant extracted from cochineal helps give a bright red color to sauces, as well as being highly resistant to high temperatures
  • Annatto: colorant extracted from annatto seeds, provides a perfect yellow color for many sauces that seek this color.
  • Betarraga: this colorant allows to obtain a range of colors from pink to a bright red.
  • Chlorophyll: perfect colorant if you are looking for a green color for sauces.

In summary, the use of natural dyes in sauces is an attractive option for those looking to avoid artificial ingredients and chemicals.

At IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of colorants perfect for use in all types of sauces. Contact us here so our team of experts can help you choose the right colorant for your product.

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