Natural Colors in Mouthwashes

The use of mouthwashes in daily hygiene is very effective in preventing dental diseases such as gingivitis and reducing gum recession, but only if it is based on a natural formula. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol and synthetic dyes can be harmful to your health if used constantly
The American Dental Association classifies mouthwashes into two categories: Commercial and Natural. The difference basically varies in the ingredients used to make these products, within which the coloring also plays a vital role in the classification.
It is known from many investigations that the use of synthetic dyes brings many long-term health problems, in some cases they are directly linked to the development of cancer.
Producers of natural mouthwashes, observing this problem, are playing an important role in making consumers aware of opting for products with natural colorants that do not cause long-term problems.
At IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of optimal colors for use in these and similar products. Contact us here so that our staff of specialists can help you choose the right natural colorant for your product.

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