Natural colors in pastry


Cupcakes decorated with a bright green. Donuts with a bright red coating or cookies with a yellow decoration. Color plays a very important role in the pastry industry.
While consumers are drawn to brightly colored cakes, they are also looking for cakes made with natural ingredients. In fact, according to research by Nielsen, 61% of consumers say they prefer to stay away from cakes that contain artificial colors. As a result, consumers are demanding the use of natural colors in their desserts.
In fact, the use of natural colorings can have a unique and key role when combining them with natural decorations such as mint leaves or fresh fruits, in this way you can position your desserts as Premium products.
At IMBAREX we have natural dyes that are perfect for any type of dessert, we have a team of specialists who will help you choose the dye that best suits your needs. contact us here

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