Natural dyes for pills

colorantes naturales estables al calor

In today’s highly visual world, the role color plays in the success of pharmaceuticals is extremely important. In fact, the color of the pills can have many uses such as:

  • Product identification: Some pills are recognized by their characteristic color, also making it easier for the consumer to remember a pill by its color and not by its name.
  • Aesthetics of the product: The appropriate color in the tablets generates a perception of quality and stability that allows to give a sensation of familiarity to the product
  • Product perception: Various studies show how certain colors can influence consumer perception of certain pills (for example, the green color can be associated with a more natural product).

As the pills are made to be swallowed, the dyes used in the pills must meet the same standards as the dyes used in food. Among the most used dyes are: Anatto, carmine, chlorophyll among others.
IMBAREX has in its portfolio a wide range of natural dyes for all types of pharmaceutical products. The IMBAREX team of experts is ready to help you with whatever requirement you may have. contact us here

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