Natural Dyes for Soaps

Personal care products had an extremely positive impact after the arrival of the pandemic, innumerable product ventures such as soaps, alcohol and others experienced a tremendous boom in sales.
Within the soap market, two different types are clearly distinguished: Synthetic and natural. Of these two categories, the one that experienced and is still experiencing notable growth is that of natural soaps.
Consumers seek to minimize their environmental impact footprint thanks to the global awareness that exists regarding climate change. More and more consumers are concerned with carefully researching the components in all the products they consume, including soaps.
At present, many soap-producing companies are making the change towards the use of dyes of natural origin, following the strong global trend of using the least amount of chemical ingredients and opting for natural ingredients that support the environmental care initiative.
At IMBAREX we have a wide range of colors ideal for use in all kinds of soaps. Contact us here so that our expert staff can help you find the ideal colorant for you.

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