Pet food free of artificial colors

The trend of humanizing pets continues to play an important role in the pet food category. With owners making choices based on their personal preferences and beliefs, as pets are increasingly viewed as members of the family. There are two human food trends influencing the pet food market.

First would be the shift to natural and organic ingredients, and secondly they are looking for fortified ingredients for better wellness. These two trends clearly show that pet owners are looking for healthier and simpler ingredients for their pets.

There is a great possibility to get even closer to the target buyers of pet food producers by positioning the various pet food brands with clean labels and a general food buzzword of “free from …”. In human judgment, giving your pet a treat that falls into the “free-from” category is an act of care and love, giving pet food manufacturers the opportunity to approach their buyers in this way. Ingredients such as natural colors can make the reward a practical act with health benefits.

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