Reasons to use natural food colorings

The world trend of consumption is inclined towards natural products, in our case in IMBAREX we produce natural colorants, which are becoming more and more attractive to consumers by being included in the list of ingredients of food products. Being nowadays a competitive advantage when using them to give color to different products.

Natural colorants offer a wide range of colors, since the research and development department has grown a lot and has been in charge of finding a viable alternative to artificial colorants, which generate negative effects in their consumption. The color quality has also improved a lot, since previously it was not possible to achieve shades similar to those of artificial colorants, without being able to compete with them in visual attractiveness, nowadays natural colorants are more resistant to humidity or UV rays than in the last years.

And finally, one more reason for the use of natural colorants in food is that they generate health benefits, while artificial colorants are detrimental to health, making consumers think twice about whether or not they are going to consume that food product. That is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of our natural dyes, and we offer a personalized advice with one of our representatives, which based on your needs will tell you which is the best natural dye for you, to receive such advice click on the following LINK.

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