Sauces and marinades using natural, brown-toned colors

sauces and marinades using natural, brown-toned colors

The transition to cleaner ingredients is actually a common trend in all categories. Caramel has become one of the most commonly used colorants in categories such as sauces and marinades, due to its low cost, stability and variety in brown shades. But due to the growing transition to a lighter and more natural food, many brands have opted to look for replacements.

To replace this caramel color, combinations of anthocyanins and botanical colors can be used, resulting in vivid brown tones. But there is a limitation to make use of these combinations of natural dyes, which can be expensive and not good for your products, so we want to give you a personalized attention to avoid these limitations.

By clicking on the following LINK you will be contacted by one of our representatives, who will provide you with the necessary combination for the natural color shade you are looking for.

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