Stable emulsions in ready-to-drink beverages (RTD)

stable emulsions in ready-to-drink beverages (RTD)

The word “taste” refers to the detection of our taste buds, while consumers’ perception of taste goes beyond that. When tasting a beverage you experience a multi-sensory moment built from a number of aspects, the palate, the visual appearance, the aroma and the mouthfeel of the beverage. Using our brain all the senses to interpret the drink and come to a decision as to whether it is to our liking.

In beverages, color plays a predominant role in the consumer’s expectations of taste over tasting. Color must match the consumers’ frame of reference for the respective flavor. Understanding the consumer’s perspective is very important, and especially the taste expectation (which can be affected by color) drives consumer taste.

With the growing popularity of carbonated beverages, there is a wave of interest in natural color-based emulsions. While emulsions are complex, they add significant value to many popular beverage concepts and can drive taste expectations.

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