The importance of natural colors in alternative meats

En la tendencia plant based el color rojo es una necesidad

Brands can gain a highly competitive advantage in the alternative meat market by using the power and functionality of color to win new customers with “clear and clean labels” contrasting with traditional products.
In recent years, the plant-based meat sector has experienced exponential growth. This boom in alternative meats has brought with it a lot of competition, which has led to more pressure to achieve a better taste, texture and appearance. Producers can shield themselves from this aggressive competition by offering new consumers added value in colorants.
The main indicator of demand is the appearance of the products. In fact, 73% of consumers in this innovative sector consider that the color and appearance of these meats is the most important thing when considering one brand over another.
Supporting the trend for the consumption of these healthier products, at IMBAREX we offer a variety of optimal colors for use in this type of meat and similar products. Contact us here so we can help you choose the dye that best suits your needs.

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