The use of Anatto in prepared soups

was sind die Merkmale von Annato E160b oder Achiote

It is remarkable the fact that the current pace of life is extremely higher than what could be observed a few years ago. The factors that cause this accelerated pace of life can be identified as the global competition of companies to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for products.
This change in the pace of life has brought with it a boom in quick-preparation products, where soups, in all their presentations, have been one of the products that have benefited the most from this change.
Whether in liquid or powder form, prepared soups are increasingly present in every household around the world. As demand has grown, so has the supply to offer these products with fewer chemical ingredients. Consequently, producers of these types of soups began to replace synthetic dyes with natural dyes, where anatto was one of the main beneficiaries of this change.
Anatto is a reddish-orange dye extracted from the seeds of the achiote tree. This tree, native to South America, needs a warm climate to grow properly, that is why the main producers in the world are Brazil and Peru.
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