Turmeric Natural Colorant

turmeric natural colorant

Turmeric is known for its yellow color in curry powder, it has a ginger and peppery flavor, which is used in Asian cooking. It can be found in various color presentations, from bright yellow to deep orange. These colors are obtained from its dried roots and from the powdered plant.

Turmeric has been used as a natural colorant for many, many years, being a very strong yellow colorant. There are two ways to obtain the colorant, grinding the spice, which is the most common way, but it becomes sensitive to humidity and light, so you must keep it in a cold and dark place. On the other hand, its shelf life is six months, so you must regularly replenish the supply.

The second option comes to be a concentrated liquid, it is not the best way to obtain the natural colorant, but it is excellent in the situation that you must infuse this colorant with your product. Always reducing the liquid to obtain a more concentrated color.

Turmeric is an excellent natural colorant, so if you are interested in applying it in any of your products, do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives through the following LINK, where you will receive personalized advice.

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