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Use of Natural Dyes less harmful to the human body and the environment

The use of natural colorants is much less harmful to the human body than when artificial colorants are used, which can cause severe intoxication problems, with the possibility of putting a person in the hospital. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the use of natural dyes in the food industry.

In the textile industry, the use of natural dyes is being promoted more and more, due to their low environmental impact, since the use of artificial dyes generates a very high water pollution. On the other hand, the food industry is opting for the use of natural colorants, since this way diseases or damages to health are avoided, since they do not produce any harmful effect, whereas the artificial ones do, as we have seen above. Also in the cosmetic industry is being used more and more, being here the color something very important, since it will depend on it that women can look an incredible style, having also a direct contact with the skin so it is more important to use natural dyes, to reduce the toxic effects that can generate the artificial coloring.

These three industries are using more and more natural colorants, realizing that today’s consumers are more conscious of what they consume or use, that is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of our natural colorants. To determine the correct colorants according to your needs, we offer you a personalized advice with one of our representatives by clicking on the following LINK.

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