Variety of natural colors in malt beverages

variety of natural colors in malt beverages

Whether it is an effervescent beverage with alcohol or a seltzer beverage, the malt beverage category continues to offer better alternatives, being low in alcohol compared to spirits and beers. As the seltzer category continues to grow, its distinction and brand differentiation will be even more challenging. This is a great opportunity for natural colorants to help brands distinguish themselves visually.

Intense colors convey flavor and taste, and producers of seltzers, non-alcoholic cocktails and cocktail-inspired beverages should seriously consider vibrant color if they are promoting flavor or the taste experience. With the trend for good health growing, these flavored malt beverages must have the right organic color to convey that the selection to refresh you with an alcoholic beverage is the best one for you.

For more information on the application of our natural colorants in malt beverages, please contact one of our representatives at the following LINK.

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