What are consumers currently looking for from their beverages?

The pandemic has elevated immunity to the top of the list of functional beverages. But that doesn’t mean interest in other functional beverages has disappeared. So what trends are emerging that will be even more important in the coming years?

According to The Hartman Group’s April 2020 research on functional foods and beverages, hydration and energy were the top two functional attributes for functional beverage consumers. But as the world begins to open up and consumers begin to intensify their lifestyles, the prediction is that a new perspective on energy will reappear. Boosting energy naturally and slowing down or calming down after a long day will be attributes consumers may look for in beverages. And it is the younger generation that is increasingly thinking about their mental health.

Consumers are now looking for beverages that are much more colorful, that convey some emotion but that are all-natural. Among the colors that buyers of these drinks are looking for are reds and yellows in their different shades.

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