What are Natural Colorants?

Natural colorants, also called certification-free colorants, are made from a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds represented by the animal, plant and mineral kingdom. Such as annatto extract and cochineal extract which are obtained from all-natural sources.

Natural colorants may have less power than artificial ones as they have to be used at higher levels, but natural colorants provide nutritional values to the food products in which they are applied, and also do not generate any negative effect on their consumption, as artificial ones do, which intensify cancer cells.

Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot in the extraction of natural colorants obtaining colorants very similar to the artificial ones, with a great variety of tonalities, and without flavors that can damage the flavor of the food product. That is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of our natural dyes, and for that we offer a personalized advice with one of our representatives who based on your needs will tell you which is the ideal natural dye for you, to receive the advice click on the following LINK.

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