What is the recommended natural coloring for baking?


Based on the psychological theory of color, the best ones would be red and yellow, standing out above others such as coffee, which is important in confectionery, reminding us of chocolate, which is an appetizing flavor in this market, especially for children.

That is why when choosing natural colorants you should go beyond theory, focusing on what the consumer expects. For example, when a green natural colorant is used in a confectionery product, the consumer will believe that it is a lemon dessert, but if it is not the flavor of the preparation, the consumer will feel discouraged, being very likely not to trust the brand again, resulting in something negative in sales, advertising, positioning and reputation in the community or target audience.

Natural dyes offer an attractive color, consumers immediately associate this product with something healthy and appetizing, making the desserts more striking on the counter, analyzing this in IMBAREX we recommend using our natural dyes for pastries, that is why we want to provide personalized advice in which based on their needs we will recommend the right natural dye for their products, to receive advice click on the following LINK.

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