Why Natural powder colorants?

As more and more consumers become interested in natural and organic products, companies are turning to natural powder colorants as a way to add color to their products. If they are already using natural sourced colorants, this helps them to maintain their natural and organic status, and if they are still using artificial colorants, they are using this as an opportunity to satisfy its new customer’s demands.

Natural powder colorants are made from a variety of sources, including vegetables, fruits, and minerals. These colorants are not only natural and organic, but they are also non-toxic and safe for use in a variety of products, including cosmetics, food, and personal care items.

One of the biggest benefits of natural powder colorants is that they do not contain any synthetic ingredients or chemicals. This makes them a great choice for companies that are looking to create products that are as natural as possible.

Another advantage of natural powder colorants is the versatility they offer when used to color the product, they can be soluble in water, oil or any other type required.

In terms of performance, natural powder colorants can be just as effective as synthetic colorants. They can be used to add a wide range of colors to products, and can be easily incorporated into a variety of formulations.

Overall, natural powder colorants are a great option for companies that are looking to add color to their products while still maintaining their natural status. These colorants are non-toxic, stable, and effective, making them a win-win for both companies and consumers.

In IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of natural colorants that suits perfect for its application in any kind of product. Contact us here so our team of experts can help you with the choose of the perfect fit for your product

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