Why should we stop using artificial colors?

¿Qué Industrias utilizan Colorantes Naturales?

Artificial colors are found in many of the products we consume daily, such as cereals, sweets, among others. You can also find them in less thoughtful products such as tomato sauces and salmon. This points to a serious problem with many products: Artificial colors are harmful to health.
The United States FDA has approved 7 artificial colors for consumption. The problem lies in the fact that most of these synthetic dyes are products derived from petroleum and oil.
Currently, there is a debate to prohibit the use of these artificial colors due to numerous studies that indicate that their consumption generates health problems such as: hyperactivity in children, cancer, hypersensitivity reactions and behavioral problems.
The best solution to avoid the consumption of these harmful dyes is the use of dyes from natural sources. These natural dyes can come from cochineal, anatto, various plants among others.
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