Yellow Natural Coloring obtained from Turmeric


Today there is a great diversity of shades of natural dyes, which allow food products to reach colors that previously could only be obtained with artificial dyes, and to obtain the yellow color, we currently use curcumin, being present in the plant called turmeric.

This is obtained by dissecting and grinding the rhizomes of turmeric, where as an intense yellow color. This pigment can be found insoluble in water and partially soluble in alcohol, but to apply it in different products it can be prepared in different ways. This natural yellow colorant is used to color yogurts, ice cream, dairy products, cereals, pastries and cakes.

Turmeric not only offers a color when applied in different food products, but also provides nutritional benefits, such as having anti-inflammatory properties, it also prevents acidity and calms heartburn, as well as digestive disorders in general. That is why in IMBAREX we recommend the use of this natural colorant, offering you a personalized advice with one of our representatives, who will tell you which is the ideal natural colorant for your needs, to receive such advice, click on the following LINK.

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